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Ricoh Aficio SPC821DN Printer

ABT Office Supplies Ltd

FREE PHONE 0800 389 1304

Ricoh Aficio SPC821DN Printer supplied by ABT
  • Paper Size: A3 Colour Laser
  • Speed full colour: 50ppm
  • Speed mono: 50ppm
  • Resolution: Up to 9000x600 dpi (4 bit)/1200x1200 (1 bit)
  • First Print Out Time full colour: 8s
  • First Print Out Time mono: 7s
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Standard/Max RAM: 512/1024 MB
  • Duty Cycle: High 200k/month
  • Drivers: PCL5c/PCL6/universal PCL6, PS3/universal PS3, RPCS, PDF Direct Print/XPS
  • Connectivity: 10/100 Network card, Fast USB 2.0
  • Paper Input Std: 2x550 sheets tray + 100 sheets bypass
  • Paper Input Max: 3200 sheets
  • Paper Weight Max: 256gsm
  • Duplex: Standard
  • Dimensions: 670x670x640(WxDxH)
  • Weight: 97KG

Download Ricoh Aficio SPC821DN Brochure

Fast, high quality A3 network colour laser printer with excellent connectivity, heavy-duty build quality, and high standard features and finishing options for large workgroups. Graphics-quality output at a price fighting point for in house production of previously outsourced documents
Ricoh Aficio SPC821DN Printer supplied by ABT
*machine image shown with options
  • Fast 50ppm print speed in mono/colour and powerful 1 GHz processor/512 MB standard RAM means no waiting around for prints – printing in colour does not slow users down
  • 2 x Finisher options provide on line stapling, collation, and booklet making with saddle stitching, saving manual work
  • 1 x 4 Bin Mailbox allows physical separation of prints and saves retrieval time.
  • No slowdown in print speed when fitting optional duplex – prints at near 100% engine speed unlike other competitors.
  • Electronic collation prints multiple copies of multi-page documents in the correct numerical sequence using RAM memory - saving manual collation
  • Booklet printing feature automatically arranges and paginates your document so you can easily fold and staple it into a booklet
  • Multi-page documents can be printed using different media types/colours for selected sections – avoiding time consuming insertions by hand.
  • Custom Paper Registration on Driver by Unique Names saves time in driver manipulation and avoids the need to memorize what type of paper is in which tray.
  • One-click settings for frequently used jobs saves time (RPCS)
  • Print jobs from different applications can be merged “on the fly” to create one document – saving the time to do manual collation after printing (RPCS)
  • Stored files can be repeatedly printed with no spool time delay
  • Fast Direct PDF printing without driver saves processing time and network traffic
  • “Virtual” documents from different applications can be created and saved with the FOC bundled utility DeskTopBinder – saving manual creation after printing
  • Volume Prints can be split between 2 or more printers with the FOC bundled utility SmartDeviceMonitor – drastically reducing the total print time
  • Job Notification informs when the print is outputted – saving unnecessary hanging around the printer
  • Fast 48s Warm Up Time – very fast for an A3 printer, allowing printer to be accessed quicker.
  • Simple driver installation gets you printing with only a few clicks
  • Auto Configuration of Options on driver without any software makes the driver loading procedure easier and quicker.
  • Administrators can manage the printer remotely using Embedded Web Admin Tools – no need to visit the printer to change settings or load additional software. WebImageMonitor can be opened via printer driver for fast access.
  • E-Mail Alert Function – warns users/administrators when it is running out of toner or when it has a status problem.
  • Recovery Printing redirects all prints to a specified backup printer in the event of down time – giving IT administrators time to act
  • New multi bit printer engine prints up to 9000 x 600 dpi resolution producing smoother images and subtle details. New 1200 x 1200 dpi high resolution feature gives superb text and fine detail quality for office work.
  • Advanced Chemical Toner – The SP C821dn uses a new small micron Condensate Polyester Polymerization chemical Colour Toner for improved image quality.
  • Embedded Pantone support for selecting, specifying and matching colours (future feature).
  • Black overprint feature – enhances text quality by printing black last
  • Colour profiles built into the printer allow users to emulate output from other devices, like an offset press for proofing and simulations. Xerox and HP simulation mode available.
  • Glossy Mode – For printing photos with high quality results
  • Toner “save” feature means you can print more pages from the same cartridge
  • N-Up printing allows you to print up to 16 page images on one sheet of paper
  • High 200k/month Duty Cycle means excellent reliability and robust, long lasting machine.
  • Standard duplex feature saves paper usage and reduces postage costs
  • Very high yield consumables and separate maintenance kits for each major item provide an extremely low cost per print.
  • Print Preview allows you to see the job after it is processed, but before it is printed (RPCS Driver). Any errors can be corrected at this stage before going to print.
  • Users can be restricted from printing in colour and only given permission to print in cheaper black mono.
  • Compatible with Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture™ - users can develop and install applications within the printer to meet specialized workflow requirements
  • Supports wide range of custom paper sizes between A5 –A3 and weights up to 256 gsm from the 2 x 550 sheet standard trays. Banner printing up to 305mm x 1260mm/256 gsm from bypass.
  • Option of up to 5 paper trays on line – eliminating the need to frequently check and replenish paper
  • “Easy pull” handles on paper trays mean little force is necessary to open them
  • New “Tandem” 2000 Sheet Large Capacity Tray – The LCT option allows paper to be replenished while it is in use
  • Replacement of toners is simple and can be done with one hand by any office staff
  • Common stored files can be held locally on the optional HDD for all users to output
  • “Virtual” Mailbox gives users their own electronic HDD Mailbox area and saves the cost of a physical mailbox (with optional HDD).
  • Hooks directly to digital cameras for “PC-free” printing of photographs with Pict bridge/USB Host option
  • Clear 4 Line LCD Control Panel indicates when supplies need to be changed
  • Suspend/resume button allows printing to be interrupted without losing file.
  • No environmentally sensitive materials (Lead, Chromium, PVC, Cadmium) have been used in manufacture.
  • Full environmental compliance with Energy Star, Blue Angel, ISO Quality, ISO Environmental, ISO Plastic, WEEE and RoHS
  • Data encryption - prints sent by cable or wireless LAN can be encrypted, protecting them from interception, as can address book data and driver login information.
  • Network Ports can be closed to protect against inbound security threats.
  • Hard Disk data can be protected by optional Disk Overwrite System
  • Confidential and stored prints can be held on the optional HDD and released only with a password
  • Unauthorised prints can be traced with the unique Driver Data Security Feature
  • Watermarks provide the ability to print text, such as “Confidential,” in the background of every page of a document
  • Access to printing can be completely removed either by IP range restriction, ID codes or authentication via Windows/LDAP
  • Network ready for simple connection and shared use
  • Wide range of drivers - PS3/XPS and PCL5c/PCL6 industry standard drivers, with unique Ricoh RPCS driver
  • Universal PCL6 and PS3 Drivers promote corporate driver consistency
  • Compatible with Mac and PC for flexible general purpose usage
  • Non-Windows connectivity including Unix/Linux, SAP/R3 environments, Novell NDPS Gateway, Citrix Metaframe and IBM AS/400 HPT
  • Simple Connectivity - easy to use Netware Card allow trouble free installation to Novell systems
  • Network compliant features like Dynamic DNS, Bonjour, IPV6, and IPsec.
  • Network future proof with Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Parallel, Pictbridge options
  • Full range of Barcode fonts supported – (logistics/manufacturing)
  • A3 size Banner printing for point of sale and large spreadsheet use (retail/financial)
  • Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture enables customized applications to meet unique customer workflows (forms/barcodes/transaction printing)

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