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Managing networked peripheral equipment can be a challenge. Peripheral management software does not allow you to manage anything but the printers living on your network. What you really need, however, is the ability to manage everything, from scanners to copiers, from printers to faxes.

Until recently you didn't have a choice. Peripheral management meant managing your printers only—period. But Ricoh listened to its customers and developed SmartNetMonitor™. The SmartNetMonitor™ toolbox enables users to extend an efficient workflow into the peripheral edge of your network. Administrators get the power they need to operate and manage peripherals on every level, ranging from automatic configuration to simple TCO-management.

SmartNetMonitor™ makes life easy on users and puts administrators in total control. And SmartNetMonitor™ is scalable, so that even if you have to support thousands of users, there's no problem. It even supports plug-ins like Tivoli natively.

Complete control over your network activities is no longer a utopia. With SmartNetMonitor software, you can now control and monitor your networked peripheral connected to your network. You can group printers together for ease of monitoring and management form your desktop.

SmartNetMonitor gives administrators the power to operate and manage every peripheral, from scanners to copiers, from printers to faxes. Administrators can now customise the display of the status Information, set user privileges per device group and obtain job statistics such as the number of pages scanned, copied, printed. A printer running out of paper? Toner running low? SmartNetMonitor can inform you of all these everyday problems before they happen.

Ricoh’s SmartNetMonitor provides speed and efficiency, helping to maintain optimal workflow. SmartNetMonitor separating the job to multiple printers accelerates processing large documents. The administrator can preview every users printing activity, to allow cost control measures. 

SmartNetMonitor Overview and benefits to the user/company.

  • Remote monitoring of print devices
  • Compatibility, Microsoft Windows only (Windows 95,98, NT & 2000)
  • Complete network printing control
  • Individual users can group MFP and printers.
  • Easy configuration from the users desktop
  • Privileges can be set by the Administrator
  • Job status notifications are received upon printer actions
  • Downtime is decreased improving productivity within the office environment.
  • Administrators can monitor volume of printing per user, enabling cost-cutting control
  • Graphical acknowledgements for the user allow complete understanding and management of print jobs.
  • Allows print jobs directly from network without the aid of print servers.
  • Recovery printing- notifies the user if the chosen printer has malfunctions, and will allow nomination of the next available printer to decrease downtime and increase productivity.
  • SmartNetMonitor can send large print jobs to two or more Aficio products simultaneously to speed up printing time.

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