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Printer Cost and Security Manager

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Ricoh integrate tailor-made software solutions with proven office hardware to help you tackle your huge workload while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

With your attention focussed on achieving your business, educational or creative goals, it is easy to lose sight of the less obvious expenses, such as your printing costs. To help you monitor and manage the money you are spending in the daily course of your business, Ricoh introduces the Printer Cost & Security Manager (PCSM) business application.

Printer Cost & Security Manager is Ricoh's latest addition to a range of printing solutions. Consisting of a basic accounting module (PAS) and two security add-ons, it is the perfect answer to the problem of secure printing and effective printer cost management on your NT, Novell or UNIX® print server-based network. Printer Cost & Security Manager also supports printers that are connected directly to the client's PC by using the parallel port.

This highly advanced Ricoh software package provides unmatched functionality at an affordable price and is the first comprehensive, mid-range printer management system under the Windows® NT environment.

Version 2.5

The newest release of Printer Accounting Server (PAS) makes printing cost management easier than ever. With increased functionality and integration into even more network environments, PAS provides superior control over network printing. In addition, Printer Cost and Security Manager comes with Aficio Counter Monitor (ACM) as standard from Ricoh UK.

Aficio Counter Monitor

Aficio Count Manager (ACM) has been developed to provide total output volume, per defined period and enables total collecting of all copies, prints and faxes on Aficio based printers and copiers.

It is the ideal solution for Remote Counter Management, leasing facilities and internal accounting particularly for major accounts or companies with multiple branch offices with interest in automatic counter collection. It enables the facilities management department to keep track of the devices (per location)/ determine replacement of devices and provides IT departments with easy admin tools included to configure printers.

ACM Reporting

It is possible to create ACM device usage reports through the PAS reporting feature, providing an effective basis for, among others:

  • Printer / Copier / Fax usage analysis
  • Customer billing
  • Equipment purchasing decisions
  • Also the standard PAS scheduling facilities can be utilized to configure automatically generated (printed or e-mailed) reports
  • 15 reports are available just for ACM analysis

Printer Cost and Security Manager (Pas) 2.5

The latest version of this software has a number of new features including:

Superior reporting

  • The new Reports Manager is an independent interface that simplifies report selection by providing immediate click-and-view previews of reports before they are run
  • Report titles and page/column headers can be redefined to provide more comprehensive, custom titles
  • Over 70 reports are now available, with addition of nine new reports that compare printer usage to prior reporting periods, and illustrate billable vs non-billable printing
  • Reports can now be saved as HTML

Informative analysis tools

  • The PAS Analysis Toolkit helps reveal valuable printing alternatives. An administrator can enter potential new printers, define their costs, and then test hypothetical scenarios to determine the most cost-effective options.
Support for UNIX
  • Support for UNIX is provided with extensions for Solaris and RedHat Linux print servers

New operating system support

  • PAS 2.5 has added support for Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

Enhanced web interface

  • Provides the option to allow users to view their account information through a web browser
  • Automatically installed and requires no setup
  • Web browser provides easy access to balances or account statements

Advanced Client Billing

Client Billing add-on module includes the following new features:

  • Support for desktop printers as well as server-based printing
  • The administrator now can specify for which printers the pop-up should display
  • Pop-up functionality is extended to NetWare servers
  • The pop-up dialog now includes a “Billable” checkbox, offering the ability to differentiate between chargeable and non-chargeable print jobs

Self-serve cashier functionality

  • Previously available only as an add-on module, Deposit Station is now a standard feature in PAS Enterprise Edition (EE). This self-serve cashier solution allows users to add and transfer funds to their printing accounts without any need for operator assistance.
  • The PAS EE print server may now be either local or remote, and also operates on either UNIX or NetWare
  • PAS add-on module licenses are now centrally located at the accounting server, eliminating the need for keycodes, and allowing the easy addition or reassignment of licenses
  • Secure Document Release (SDR) now requires only one license per accounting server
  • Client Billing requires the purchase of workstation licenses, which are conveniently sold in packs of 25, 50,100, and 500, or unlimited

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