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Print Observer

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In a corporate network, many users have to share the same printing peripherals. To maximise the integration of printers, Ricoh has developed PrintObserverô, a new user-friendly and powerful print monitoring solution. Because it is a client/server-based software tool using a push protocol, users are constantly updated about the status of their printer and the progress of print jobs. From the moment a job is spooled, its progress is visualised with a progress bar. Because of the push protocol used, your network will barely notice. PrintObserverô only sends information when it has changed, and then only when it has been previously requested by the clients. Though the PrintObserverô software suits any network, it is especially useful for Wide Area Networks (WANs). Supporting all printers with full standard printer MIB implementation, PrintObserverô is the ideal solution for maximum integration of printers in an enterprise network environment!

Because the same printing peripherals are shared by numerous users within your company, monitoring print jobs can prove difficult. Therefore, to maximise integration of printers, Ricoh has developed PrintObserver, an efficient print monitoring solution.

PrintObserverís Installation is as easy as its operation, making this solution very user friendly. Automatic installation provides the distribution of addresses between client and server, therefore, there is no longer a need for the network address of the peripherals to be common knowledge. This software supports all MIB implemented printers. Additionally, PrintObserver provides the user with constant progress status of their print jobs. PrintObserver also shows the status of the printers themselves, whether idling or warming up the user is kept up to date.

Intelligent Information Distribution

PrintObserver uses a unique Publisher/Subscriber information distribution system, which allows Publishers to send status information only when it has changed and when Subscribers have previously requested it. This smart system limits access to network printers while at the same time minimising the resource consumption of the different workstations. PrintObserver's goal?

Increasing control while at the same time optimising the systems responsiveness

PrintObserverís Benefits to the user

  • Easy installation through an intelligent system of network address distribution.
  • Supports various printers with MIB implementation.
  • Constant updates on print job progress
  • From spooling to completed the user is notified
  • Printer status supplied to the user within the taskbar.
  • Intelligant Information Distrubution.

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