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Solutions for Enterprise and Host Printing

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When it comes to enterprise printing, support for multi-vendor system environments is a key priority. As a result, the maximised use of Ricoh Aficio™ multifunctional products (MFPs) and laser printers with multiple paper trays and finishing options is an immediate demand. That is exactly what Ricoh’s enterprise printing solutions provide you with. In addition, being able to print a variety of source data such as documents with barcodes and OCR fonts optimises logistics, production and financial management in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments. Ricoh’s full solution line-up allows you to optimally make use of every feature your Aficio™ MFP or laser printer has to offer and integrate them seamlessly in your enterprise environment. Implementing an effective network printing strategy will help you streamline production processes, shorten turnaround times and lower operational costs. A solid return on investment guaranteed.

Printer Cost & Security Manager (PCSM)

Are you looking to cut costs within your company?

Are you losing sight of your less obvious costs?

Printing costs are a less obvious and overlooked expense to a company. Thanks to Ricoh’s PCSM you can now monitor and manage the money you are spending during the daily course of your operation. PCSM provides unmatched functionality at an affordable price!

Base Module:

Printer Accounting Server (PAS) Enterprise Edition

Most copier cost measurement is based on “clicks”, printing costs are normally not accounted for. PAS takes care of this problem allowing administrator s to see printing costs but also the printing patterns of individuals and departments. PAS eliminates the need and cost of client-side software, as PAS is a server-based solution.

With PAS dedicated charging can be applied, you can allocate the charges according to print quotas, timed quotas, users/department. The heaviest users can be identified, but also the heaviest used machines, provoking the need to change these heavily used printers with higher volume machines!

Secure Document Release Module (SDR)

The SDR module enhances the safety of network printing environments, by preventing unauthorised users from picking up or viewing other users documents!

SDR holds incoming network print jobs at the security print server. The print job is released using a Network Transaction station. Therefore, the user does not have to collect the job as it is printed in case of unwanted disclosure.

For extra security print jobs are deleted from the secure print server queue within the permitted time, allocated by the administrator.

Rules based printing, with SDR enables the Administrator to set rules for printing, for instance, set priorities in the queue manager, hold or delete print jobs by user or group. Rules based printing eliminates, unnecessary printing, which reduces network traffic.

Aficio Counter Manager (ACM)

ACM provides total output volume (copiers, prints and faxes), per defined period, and counter information for Ricoh Aficio products. It can be utilised for remote counter management (leasing/facilities) or internal accounting.

With ACM you can manage the following:

  • Copy/print/fax count by device
  • Aficio information e.g. names, serial number, IP address.
  • Usage history from start of usage to present or by specified period
  • Take over counter information when device location changes

ACM creates 15 additional reports to PAS’s existing 70 to create a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation tool. These reports will be sent at specified time periods to allocated recipients. This information provides invaluable cost management information. ACM will provide reports per machine to identify which peripheral is being overused or needs to be changed if necessary.

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