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Laserfiche Document Management Solution

ABT Office Supplies Ltd

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Making sure your organisation is running at peak efficiency requires mastering the big picture while maintaining the ability to examine details when necessary. In other words, you don't have to miss the forest for the trees, but you can't afford to lose important trees in the vastness of the forest.

Laserfiche is a unified solution that manages all your organisation's documents and records regardless of location or media. laserFiche strikes a balance between security and accessibility, protecting information whilst providing efficient access to keep staff working at maximum productivity. Engineered to deploy in days rather than weeks, LaserFiche delivers a fast return on your investment without overtaxing IT resources.

LaserFiche Product Suite

Clear perspective means covering all the bases. capturing documents into the system must be fast for the scanner operator, but it also must be accurate for the decision maker retrieving information. Distributing information across multiple offices must be efficient, but secure. Records management functions must be rigorous, but usable.

The LaserFiche document management product suite comprises a modular set of capture, distribution, process management and integration tools. Designed to solve problems in the real world, LaserFiche products work together to balance sometimes competing points of view without compromising the basics of efficiency, security or technical workability.

LaserFiche Document Management Platform
These core products help you organise, protect and retrieve information.

  • LaserFiche United and LaserFiche Team: Document management for work groups, departments and the entire organisation.
  • LaserFiche Records Management Edition: A unified DoD-5015.2-certified records management and document management solution
  • LaserFiche Web Access: A web-browser-based, true thin client for secure, wide scale document management deployment.

Document and Information Capture
These tools bring paper and electronic documents into your digital system.

  • LaserFiche Quick Fields: Production-level document processing, with available modules for forms processing, specialised capture hardware and other document capture needs.
  • LaserFiche Import Agent: Automatically capture documents generated by copier-scanner hybrids, fax servers and other multifunction peripherals.
  • LaserFiche Snapshot: Capture archival images of electronic documents without repetitive printing and scanning.

Document Distribution
Provide fast, efficient document access to authorised users across the office and around the world.

  • LaserFiche WebLink: Secure, platform-independent Web publishing that integrates easily with your existing Web site.
  • LaserFiche Plus: Archive and distribute documents on royalty-free CDs or DVDs with built-in search engines.
  • LaserFiche E-mail Plug-In: Share archived documents via standard e-mail applications.
  • LaserFiche COLD: Automatically archive computer-generated reports to digital storage media.

Business Process Management
Streamline document-centred processes and track activity for regulatory compliance.

  • LaserFiche Workflow Suite: Ensure constant productivity with rules-based document routing, e-mail notification and activity monitoring.
  • LaserFiche Agenda Manager: Simplify the item submission, approval and distribution processes essential to formal agenda creation.
  • LaserFiche Audit Trail: Three levels of audit reporting to address your specific regulatory compliance and security needs.

Integration and Customisation
Tools and packaged solutions facilitate image enabling and back-end integrations.

  • Laserfiche Integrator's Toolkit: Complete documentation and sample code to enable integration with other mission-critical systems.
  • Integration Express: Packaged solution for image-enabling integrations.
  • Integration Express-GIS: Simplified image-enabling integration between LaserFiche and geographic information systems

Software Assurance
Manage change and protect your investment.

  • LaserFiche Software Assurance Plans (LSAP): Membership provides access to software updates, hot-line support and the global online laserFiche user community.

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