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Ricoh Docosoft Document Management Solutions

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Ricoh are one of the largest IT companies in the world and number one for placement of digital copier, printing and scanning products in many markets world-wide including Japan and Europe.


Ricoh have formed a strategic alliance with Docosoft, a subsidiary of Design Automation the largest independent software company in Japan. This alliance offers a fast and powerful range of Electronic Document Management (EDM) software products, providing the end user with the ideal compliment of technologies. The Ricoh hardware offers the optimum in product performance allowing for quick, simple production and distribution of documents, whilst the Docosoft software provides excellent, flexible management of up to 280 different file types.

Why Docosoft?

Docosoft allows people to work the same way as manual Document Management but on a PC. Because a viewer is not constrained by file type, and with the incredibly fast viewing technology used within DOCOsoft products, the user can first narrow down their search to a few documents by searching against properties. They can then flick through the search results visually to find the document they want.

Key Benefits of Docosoft/Ricoh Solution

Unrivalled speed of document viewing Documents can be viewed immediately as thumbnails, icons, originals and list format Simple end user interface Scalable solutions giving customer's easy upgrade path Customisation of software if required Supported by DOCOsoft, the software authors Total hardware/software integration through alliance between Ricoh and DOCOsoft, giving peace of mind to customer and dealer Over 280 different file types can be viewed without opening the original application, or even having that application on the client PC
Virtual Graphical User Interface (GUI) means files and folders can be created in a meaningful way to the user, without worrying about where the files are physically located.
Virtual GUI means that if a user accidentally deletes a file in DOCOsoft, the original file is still present
Leading edge software technology working with the world's best IT digital hardware manufacturer DOCOsoft products are tried and tested. Already implemented within companies such as Lloyds Insurance of London and Merrill Lynch.

The DOCOsoft product range consists of three distinct products:

DOCOdesktop is an entry-level product. It is designed to be used by a single user for managing documents on a stand-alone PC. Typical use of this would be in the case of a small business, where the organization and management of paperwork is an issue.

DOCOsolo Is a trimmed down version of DOCOdesktop this utility only incorporates the most commonly used functionality within a office environment. Only the general functions have been included in this standalone version, full OCR functions including full document search facilities have been removed.

DOCOdesklink or Desklink server
DOCOdesklink is the Network version of the DOCOdesktop product. It is designed as an introductory product to be used by multiple users for managing documents on a computer network at a departmental level. All document input (scanning, file import) is done by the DOCOdesklink Server. DOCOdesklink LITE Clients provide a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface to the system to view, search, print, fax and e-mail documents. This DOCOsoft range uses an embedded Microsoft Access database. (Note MS access is not required.

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