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Ricoh Desk Top Editor for Production

ABT Office Supplies Ltd

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Print-on-demand environments need powerful scan editing software to accommodate for less-than optimal originals. Productivity can suffer from scanning software that creates bottlenecks. Ricoh developed Desk Top Editor For Production, a software solution that is capable of handling large document volumes, regardless of their origin and location. Desk Top Editor For Production therefore allows users to enjoy a more efficient workflow, virtual document binding and powerful editing of scanned originals. Management features of Desk Top Editor For Production are flexible and powerful. Desk Top Editor For Production covers the entire document flow, from scanning to editing, all the way to managing and printing the result. Desk Top Editor For Production integrates with the document server of your Aficio 2090/2105. It also connects to ScanRouter V2 Pro, TWAIN and even Enterprise Document Management Systems(EDMS).

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