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Ricoh Aficio 3235C

Ricoh Photocopier Service

  • Core Functionality Copier standard
  • Printer standard
  • Scanner standard
  • Speed 32ppm B&W 10ppm colour
  • Digital
  • Printing process Laser
  • B&W with Colour Capability
  • Duplex Capability option
  • Paper handling - paper size up to A3+
  • Finishing options Hole puncher/Sorter/Stapler
  • Application Workgroup (5-24 users)
  • Volume Range Category Low
  • Max resolution 600 dpi
  • Network capability Standard
  • Paper feed ARDF - Option
  • Fax option
  • Wireless LAN Option
  • Internet Fax Option
  • PC-Fax option

Download Ricoh Aficio 3232C Brochure

32 ppm black & white with 10 ppm colour speed. Includes printer/scanner as standard.

Think about your office documents. You use a device for all your black and white output. For presentations, forms, diagram's and other important documents, however, you turn to a desktop colour laser printer. The implications? Running multiple systems with different consumables, operating procedures and speeds is not particularly cost efficient. There is a much better way. Ten years ago, Ricoh set the trend in combining black and white efficiency with colour capabilities. Now, Ricoh presents the Aficio 3232C. This multifunctional all-rounder offers a wealth of possibilities including standard network printing and scanning, enhanced faxing, versatile finishing and scan to e-mail via LDAP. The features, speed and simplicity of black and white multifunctional systems now come with affordable colour. The Aficio 3232C is set to revolutionise your workflow: the best in black and white multifunctionality with cost efficient colour!

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